The registration must be made in writing via website or via email with
all necessary data.

Registrations will be accepted in order of receipt and are regarded as definitely.
By registering for the holiday event days parents agree to the conditions of participation.

Realisation of vacation childcare

  • Schöb Events GmbH give guarantee for the realisation of the registerred activity event days.
    If the programs cannot be held due to force majeure such as a pandemic, the parents will be
    informed immediately. The general cancellation conditions apply.
  • Generally the maximum number of participants per day is 30 children.
    In every vacation childcare program the maximum number of participants is published.
  • It is important that children arrive in the morning on time at the different meeting points in order
    to guarantee a smoothly realisation of the event days. Parents must inform the responsible
    caregiver at Schöb Events GmbH immediately in the event of delays or no-shows.


The rate for an activity event day is CHF 138.— per child and day including the daily program,
transportation, food and beverages as well as childcare from 8 am to 6 pm.
Parents are asked to inquire with their employer about a possible contribution to childcare costs.


If the invoice is paid by direct bank transfer, the outstanding amount must be paid no later than
two weeks before the start of the holiday event days. If the invoice is not paid on time before the
start of the holiday event days, Schöb Events GmbH reserves the right to pass on the reserved places
of the child/children to other customers.

Bank details:
Schöb Events GmbH
Glärnischstrasse 9, 8608 Bubikon
Züricher Kantonalbank, 8010 Zurich, Account number: 1148-3077.442
IBAN CH27 0070 0114 8030 7744 2 in the name of Schöb Events GmbH

Cancellation Policy

  • If a child is cancelled from one week before the start of the vacation care 50% of the costs
    are charged.
  • No refund of costs if a child is cancelled from the beginning of the vacation care.
  • In the event of cancellation of the vacation event days by Schöb Events GmbH due to
    force majeure such as a pandemic, all payments made by the parents will be fully refunded.

Loss or damage of valuables

Schöb Events GmbH recommends that children do not bring any electronic devices or valuable
objects, jewellery or clothing with them during the holiday event days. Schöb Events GmbH accepts
no liability in the event of loss or damage of valuables brought along by the children

Exclusion of a child from holiday event days during the implementation

Schöb Events GmbH attaches great importance to ensuring that caregivers and children treat each
other with respect. If a child is noticed for negative behaviour several times during the day trip and
does not comply with the agreed rules even after repeated warnings and personal discussions with the
care team, Schöb Events GmbH can prohibit the child from further participation in the day trip if this
impairs or jeopardises the organisation of the holiday event day for the entire group. The parents are
contacted by the main caregiver and informed of the situation before the child is effectively excluded.

Media consent

During the activity event days pictures will be taken that can be published by Schöb Events GmbH.
After the realisation of the vacation childcare all parents of participating children receive a selection
of pictures in order to have an impression of the event days.
A careful handling of the pictures is guaranteed by Schöb Events GmbH. Names or first names will
never be published.
If parents don’t want to give permission to the use of the pictures with their child please inform Schöb
Events GmbH before the start of the vacation childcare by e-mail.


Parents are responsible for arranging accident and personal liability insurance for their child.
Schöb Events GmbH disclaims any liability

Data protection

All personal data of the participating children and of the parents are only used by Schöb Events
GmbH for the organisation and realisation of the activity event days and will never be delivered to a
third party.

Place of jurisdiction

The sole place of jurisdiction is Bubikon. Swiss justice is applicable.